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Fall in color 12

Deer, Geese and Change

I love the change of season. Nature moving through natural rhythms. Dying. Renewal. Reminding me that change is good. Beautiful. Purposeful. With the start of school this past Wednesday, I have been looking forward to getting back into the routine of waking early. Having quiet before the house wakes to read Scripture and journal. Going […]


Roots and Wings

Roots and wings So they say are a parents goal. My interpretation 18 years of roots and then I’ll let you fly. But now approaching day one of Kindergarten. I can’t ignore these small wings budding. Your excitement A bus to ride New friends to meet. You’re looking to the future. I see my eight […]

Dad and I Backporch August 2005-003

Death is not my friend.

August 28 2005. The day my dad passed away. Details swirling in my head. Remembering his last hug as he headed out the door to play basketball. Rob and I ‘happening’ to be in Minnesota, visiting from Seattle, when the phone rang in my parents house. Too suddenly. Too unexpectedly death came. I miss my […]


Weekend Reflection

Do you not know? Have you not heard? The Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He will not grow tired or weary, and his understanding no one can fathom.  He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.  Even youths grow tired and weary, […]



A world ago, when I worked as a financial analyst, I had a boss say something that has always stuck with me. “You need to speak up more, join the conversation at meetings. I think you often have insights to share, but you believe everyone has already thought of them. They haven’t.” In our early […]


Can you go to bed at 10 pm?

Can you go to bed at 10pm? Out of context a simple question. In context a profound movement in my heart. For much has flowed from this question written in my journal last May. Let me back up. Rest. Reflecting. Relational. Descriptors of my natural bent. Action. Do. Tasks. Not the first words someone would select to […]


Sunday Thoughts- Sunflowers

Our sunflowers seemed to have bloomed and be on their way to fading while we were gone for three weeks.  But they are still beautiful to me.  Seeing glory through them.  A glimpse.  Pointing me towards the one who made them. Look around. Where have you noticed God’s fingerprint in your world this past week? […]



Old bones.  Moving slowly.  Stretch to not forget their movement. Muscles not used very often.  Stretch to not forget their purpose. Hearts tired.  Needing God’s words.  Stretch to not forget their beat. Patterns and ruts.  Stretch to move beyond their comfort. Introverted.  Stretch to make new connections. Fingers typing.  Stretch to convey the spirit. Minds […]


Not what I was counting on.

After returning from a three week vacation, here is what I was counting on for our first day back: Suitcases unpacked Groceries to fill the empty frig Lunch with my husband who has missed his family the last two weeks Mail sorted Our son’s next door neighbor friend to play with Writing in my new […]


Afternoon Kindergarten

Today’s mail brought news I’ve been waiting for all summer.  Our son will be in….afternoon kindergarten.  After initial excitement to know the plan, sadness swept in. The kind of emotion where you are aware that something is off but can’t put your finger on it. At first I thought, this ‘off-ness’ is because I’m a […]

the Wheel


“When you eat your breakfast cereal you think about the workers who made it…”  So it was said of those with the Strength-finders theme of connectedness.  And my husband laughed, because he has eaten many breakfasts with me. Like a hub with spokes in all directions, we reach out to connect through: Words–  Hoping the […]


Living in the Unseen

Last Friday night I was sitting comfortably watching the Olympics on television, perusing blogs on my laptop and reading a magazine.  What? You think that is too much media input? In the midst of that, my husband called.  My son and I are still on vacation in Minnesota while he is back home in Pennsylvania.  […]