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31 Days of Noticing Fall

I’m venturing into something new. Something that if I had given myself the proper time to analyze, would have calculated that I’m not really prepared to do it. But throwing caution and my spreadsheets to the wind, decided what better way to learn than by jumping in? I’m joining The Nester in her 31 days […]



A loud sob jolts the house from it’s sleep. The middle of the night doesn’t stop a little boys cries. I go to his bedside. His eyes closed, I whisper “It’s ok sweetie. I’m right here.” He grasps my arm. Recognizing my skin, his grip loosens as he lays back down. The cries from a […]


Awakened at the kitchen sink

Standing at the kitchen sink. Washing dishes. Each scrubbing a reminder of the gathering last night. Women talking, eating, looking at cooking catalogs. Gathered for a kitchen party. And as I wash, my mind dances on the edge of a precipice. Don’t go there. You know what awaits in that land if you venture into […]


Weekend Reflection- His Wings

He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge. Psalm 91:4 Do you need refuge today? A safe, secure place from storms and attacks? His wings are both big enough to cover you and close enough to feel the tenderness of the feathers. He is near. Linking this weekend […]



Driving in the rolling hills of Western PA. Curves. Turns. Never knowing what’s around the bend. One turn and there lies the whole city of Pittsburgh. Never seen at a distance. The little boy in the back seat says “Mama. I don’t feel good. Can you go straight for a while?” Too late. Sickness comes.

Mel, Jul, Liz

Dear Teenage Me,

  Dear 15 year old me, I laid in bed last night. Writing a letter to you in my mind. Words poured out so easily. It’s the fall of your sophomore year. 1982 (I know, that math can’t be right) In a few months you will be turning 16. I wonder what you will be […]



My facebook status this afternoon said “Writers Block”. A sweet friend wrote “time for a 5 minute Wednesday? The word is harvest. So here we go: All around me the world seems to be entering a harvest time. Except with my words. Struggling between what I think I should write and the beat of my […]


Laundry, Legos and Spilled Milk

Write for five minutes on the word Graceful. Ready? Go! What does graceful look like in the midst of piles of laundry, spilled milk and stepping on Legos? How do I display grace with my actions, a graceful response, when deep brown eyes look up at me? I remember. Remember the grace first offered me. […]


Dusty, Earthbound Paths

“I am your best friend, as well as your King. Walk hand in hand with Me through your life. Together we will face whatever each day brings: pleasures, hardships, adventures, disappointments. Nothing is wasted when it is shared with Me. I can bring beauty out of the ashes of lost dreams. I can glean Joy […]


Inciting Incidents

Sitting by a lighthouse on the North Shore. A carved out space. Alone. Twenty five years old. Far removed from church-y language and theological understandings. But still a soul that was longing for more. Whatever more might be. Remembering a little girl. One who once knew God. Laughed with him. Decisions that moved her too […]


Weekend Reflections

“Cursed is the one who trusts in man, who depends on flesh for his strength and whose heart turns away from the Lord. He will be like a bush in the wastelands; he will not see prosperity when it comes. He will dwell in the parched places of the desert, in a salt land where […]