31 Days of Noticing Fall

I’m venturing into something new. Something that if I had given myself the proper time to analyze, would have calculated that I’m not really prepared to do it. But throwing caution and my spreadsheets to the wind, decided what better way to learn than by jumping in?

I’m joining The Nester in her 31 days series. It began a few years ago when she invited seven friends to pick a theme for the month of October. They committed to writing about their theme every day for the month. Last year she had over 700 bloggers participate!

So here we go: leaping into 31 Days of Noticing Fall!







My hope to is to explore Fall as not only a season we physically experience, but also the themes of fall in our journey of faith.

As I thought about Fall, I let my mind wander around in all the corners of the aspects of Autumn that I love. As I did I came up with four connections to Fall and all that they symbolically represent to our souls.

Right now what I’m thinking (but don’t hold me to it!) is:

Week One:  Back to School exploring routines, new beginnings, organization, inspiration and goals.

Week Two:  Leaves– exploring change, transition, beauty, and dying that new life may come.

Week Three:  Shorter Days– exploring rhythm, rest, and Sabbath.

Week Four:  Harvest– gathering the results of our work, celebrating, sharing and abundance.

Each week as we explore these markers of Fall, we will notice how it translates to faith. Some days will be poems. Some will be reflection. Some will be nature. Some will be Scripture. And some will be food/recipes. (I have a very special guest poster who will be sharing a fall recipe each week!)

So come pull up one of these colorful chairs. Imagine us sitting under this glorious tree. And let us notice together what God may have in store for us in October.

I will be posting each day below:

Fall as back to school. Routine:

Day One– Firmly Planted in October

Day Two– Every Leaf is a Flower

Day Three– Personality and Fall

Day Four– Slow Cooker Recipe

Day Five– A Letting Go Kind of Seeing

Day Six– Straight Paths (weekend Scripture)


Fall as Leaves. Death. Transition. Our long journey to parenting:

Day Seven– Nothing Gold Can Stay (weekend poem)

Day Eight– Leaves of Redemption- our miscarriages

Day Nine– Season of No- failed adoptions

Day Ten– Waterfalls in Fall- what I know now

Day Eleven– Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls recipe

Day Twelve– Going Home- Five years ago today

Day Thirteen– Reckless in Our Love (weekend Scripture)


Fall as Shortening Days. Rhythm. Sabbath.

Day Fouteen Fall Invites us to Sabbath (weekend poem)

Day Fifteen– Shorter Days Calling

Day Sixteen– Here Comes Evening, the Start of our Day

Day Seventeen– Prayer for a Tired Branch

Day Eighteen– Roasted Red Pepper Pasta

Day Nineteen– Words Flow Words Blocked

Day Twenty– Slow Down (weekend Scripture)


Fall as Harvest. Gathering. Do not give up.

Day Twenty One– Sunday Harvest (weekend poem)

Day Twenty Two– When I’m 40. 60.80.

Day Twenty Three– Harvest- Interviewing the Clarks

Day Twenty Four– 10 Things for my Roommate to Know

Day Twenty Five– Harvest Veggie Pizza

Day Twenty Six– Harvest Vision

Day Twenty Seven– Do Not Grow Weary (weekend Scripture)


Bonus Days

Day Twenty Eight– Sacrament of Letting Go (weekend poem)

Day Twenty Nine– It’s Not About the Pumpkin (a tribute to my dad)

Day Thirty– The Harvest of Allume

Day Thirty One– Goodbye October, Hello November



{top photo taken in Door County Wisconsin}

{thank you to Erin Lauray for my button!}

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  1. What a great idea! Thanks for casting spreadsheets to the fall wind and giving us this journey opportunity!

    • Thanks Lisa! (Trying) to trust that God will have words to say, because I haven’t planned very far! I’m looking forward to your 31 days of devotions!

  2. Stefanie Brown (@stefanieybrown) says:

    What an exciting series! I love fall and look forward to your posts!

  3. Looking forward to following along…love how you’re tying in the season of fall to themes of fall in our faith journey.

    I’m doing 31 days too! =)

    • Rachel- Glad you will be following along. Of all the seasons, fall is definitely the one I tend to reflective in ways connected to faith.
      Can’t wait to check out your 31 days!

  4. Dear Melanie
    When you guys are celebrating Fall, we in South Africa are welcoming a new spring! Still, I can relate to your entering into a new “dying” process that would bring forth new and vibrant life, for we are experiencing that new life, slowly being birthed from the cocoon of winter. Our country is blooming with new, colorful flowers and greenery, and new hope for our wonderful rainbow nation.
    I look forward to sharing your autumn as you become my eyes to see the beauty of your new season and all the beauty in your heart. Blessings

    • Mia- I love thinking of you entering spring as we enter fall. I think the two seasons are so similiar (but in reverse I guess). Looking forward to what God reveals and teaches in both!
      Blessings to you today!

  5. Cooking Up Faith says:

    What a great idea!! Many blessings to you as you see God’s glory in this season!! 🙂

  6. This is such a great idea considering how fabulous of a season Autumn really is! Plus, I love the design of your button AND the colorful chairs above! Sometimes it’s the little things that help inspire us to share! Best of luck in your 31 days journey!


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