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The (blogging) year in review

Here we are, the last day of 2012. It also marks six months since I began blogging. I’m learning in this new world of blogs that the end of the year seems to be the time to remember top posts from the year. Thinking of that, along with the anniversary, prompts me to remembrance. Remembrance […]

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Shall be white as snow

  It has been snowing in Western Pennsylvania since Christmas. The blanket of snow has slowed us down. Keeping us close to the manger. This morning I took the puppy out. He has dismantled a wreath. And as I saw the berry torn apart from it’s home, this verse comes to mind. And I wonder, […]

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The Thrill of Hope

As we sang “Oh Holy Night” at church on Christmas Eve, the words jumped out in a new way. Again emphasizing the Life that Jesus birth brought. I wrote a few days ago that this season God has been drawing me to Christ’s humanness. To the fact that there were many years between Christmas and […]


The Flu and Jesus Humanness

This past Friday morning my achy body laid on the sofa. I could hear the laughter of my son playing legos with his Abuela upstairs. A late night airport run the night before had brought my mom into our home for Christmas. Even in my forties, my body must know it can now crash. Now […]


My sleepy son and trusting where Love reigns

“Mama? Mama?” His sweet, sleepy voice calls from the top of the stairs. It’s after midnight, I’m staying up too late with Christmas to-dos. I don’t respond verbally, but rise from my chair and head towards the stairs. By the time I reach them, I see he has turned and headed back to his room. […]


Cinnamon and Cookie Fail

“Oh No!!” I exclaim opening the oven door. From the next room my husband asks what is wrong.   Peering into the oven all I can think is that these cookies look nothing like the Pinterest picture. Somehow my chocolate candy center has oozed out. The round balls have flattened.           […]


The Ornaments’ Story

This year the ornaments have moved a foot up the tree. “Don’t get a puppy around the holidays.” Looking at our tree you would know we threw that advice out the window this Thanksgiving. And so this puppy’s presence has my uncle’s ceramic angel tightly sharing a branch with a glittery golden ball. My son’s […]


Weekend- Waiting

I am still confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord. Psalm 27:13-14   Advent. Expectant waiting. Longing. Preparing. A gift of no compare. Waiting with you. I love my weekend link […]