Shall be white as snow


It has been snowing in Western Pennsylvania since Christmas. The blanket of snow has slowed us down. Keeping us close to the manger.

This morning I took the puppy out. He has dismantled a wreath. And as I saw the berry torn apart from it’s home, this verse comes to mind.

And I wonder, will I live as though this is true? Will I live in freedom knowing this is how God sees me, made white as snow?

May we accept God’s invitation through the snow to live slowly. To live forgiven. To stay close to the life of his Son. To not rush too quickly into the New Year and goals. But to walk into the year hand in hand with Him, waiting for Him to reveal all that he has in store.


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  1. Yes. What good and wise thoughts.

  2. What a beautiful photo and a keen eye and sensitive spirit to connect it with the verse. New years blessings for you sister!

  3. Sheila Seiler Lagrand says:

    Visiting from Sandra’s. Thank you for this message. It is so easy to hurry through the beauty of this season.

  4. It’s so good to be reminded that our sins don’t stay like scarlet! Sometimes, when weighed down by our sin, it’s easy to forget.


  5. Oh yes, I will accept God’s invitation to live slowly. To be reminded of His love for me and how He sees me.

  6. Sometimes the simplest photos are the loveliest. And the simple gospel is the loveliest too. 🙂

  7. Beautifully spoken and photographed!

  8. Hi Melanie
    This morning I was also overwhelmed by the imense grace of this promise. All we need to do is to return to Him.
    Much love xx

  9. Rachel Lundy says:

    What a beautiful reminder! Thank you!

  10. I want some snow, the soft wonderful kind one can walk in, here in the pacific Northwest, in Oregon we get the more wet kind.

  11. Pondering your thoughts; thinking yes, I agree. This is the way to move forward. Hand in hand with my Lord. Your words offer a blessing today. Visiting via Still Saturday …

  12. It is such a blessing to know that our God is able to make our sins as white as snow. What an awesome God we serve!

  13. Joanne Norton says:

    I most certainly agree with you. Just b/c a New Year is hitting my schedule in 4 hours, does NOT MEAN that my walk with the Lord may or should change at all. Only He can keep me in the “right place, right time” to serve, give, be… anything He wants is what counts.

    Thanks for sharing it the way you did.

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