The (blogging) year in review

Here we are, the last day of 2012. It also marks six months since I began blogging. I’m learning in this new world of blogs that the end of the year seems to be the time to remember top posts from the year. Thinking of that, along with the anniversary, prompts me to remembrance. Remembrance to gratitude.  And I have a few things to say (and some favorite posts to read):

To those of you reading in your email inbox:

Thank you! I know you have lots of options in what you take in. I’m honored that the words here are ones you choose to receive.  My prayer is that the ways this space fills your in box is encouraging, thoughtful and draws you nearer to God. Thank you for your communication, questions and responses, I treasure them and the connections made.

To those of you who connect via Facebook and link ups and all other realms of social media:

Thank you!! I had no idea the reach, the community and the support that was on the other side of this screen. Everyday I am challenged by new thoughts and bolstered by being ‘gotten’. You all make this journey fun!

To those of you reading this space for the first time:

Welcome! And thank you for stopping by. Please look around and introduce yourself if you would like!


If my addition is correct, this is my 91st post. Ninety one times I’ve written and shared the ramblings of my heart. Ninety one times I’ve hit publish and prayed that what God has stirred in me, stirs something in you.

From your responses, here are some of the top posts. My prayer in all of them is that they point towards and join you in, discovering places of beauty. Where as it says in Isaiah 35, the places where gladness and joy overtake us and sorrow and sighing flee away. In trials. In abundance. That our eyes open to His movement and redemption.

1.  By far, the most read and shared post is this one, Leaves of Redemption. 

It was written during my 31 Days series on our miscarriages and journey towards parenthood.

2.  Surprisingly (to me) this post was the second most read. It was written in five minutes in the middle of the night (as part of Lisa Jo Bakers Five Minute Friday link up).  The word was Grasp

3.  In this spot is another from the 31 Days series, the same week as writing about pregnancies and adoption..and trying to make things happen.  Waterfalls

4.  Now for those of you who know me, this one will really stun you. A recipe. Yes! I know this isn’t a food blog, but thanks to my friend Kristi, it’s appearance in the 31 Days series was a hit!  Fall Slow Cooker Recipe

5.  Written on the anniversary of my dad’s death, this is perhaps the one that can most quickly bring tears to my eyes. Death is Not My Friend


And so there you have it, the top 5 in terms of readership. Plus here’s a few more that were my favorites:

The two I frequently re-read. Because they remind me to what to stay true to. And of the areas that can be my pitfalls.  Confessions of a New Blogger and Can You Go to Bed at 10pm.

Adoption. The story of bringing our son home- Going Home. And reflecting on How Do I Look Like You.

And lastly, because I’m wearing it today and this was just fun to write, My Irish Sweater.

Thanks for reminiscing with me!

And thank you again for searching for blue marbles with me.

Happy New Year,



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  1. Brenna D (@chicagomama) says:

    So glad I found your blog this year. This marks 5 months for me blogging, so I’m right behind you!

    Blessings to you on your upcoming year!

  2. Congratulations on you six month Blogging Anniversary!! I am holding you up in prayer during 2013. So glad God has placed you on my path! Who knew two PA girls would attend a conference and find out they lived so close to each other! So excited to see where 2013 takes us CA-PA Sister!!

  3. The blog has been an unexpected treasure for me in more ways then one! Keep on blogging in the New Year, your words are wonderful…

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