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Hold Unswervingly

“Let us hold unswervingly to the faith we profess for He who promised is faithful.” Hebrews 10:23   He who promised is faithful. Let that sink in. He is faithful. He will always keep his word. Always. Live with that confidence. Hold fast. Linking this weekend with Still Saturday {top image credit}


Manna, Again.

We get up. Take the puppy out. Again. Have breakfast. Wash dishes. Get dressed. Again. School happens. Toys get played with. Books reread. Floors vacuumed. Toys picked up. Again. Check that homework gets done. Backpacks ready. Groceries stocked. Again. Our weekdays, mostly the same. I use to think I’d reach a level of faith where […]


Letting it Be.

Last week I wrote five blog posts. This week, let me check, yep this is my first one. It hasn’t been for lack of words. I have a post on bathroom scales and motherhood and other glimpses of life ruminating in my head. No, the reason I haven’t posted is life itself. Monday and Tuesday […]

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Curious George and the Treasures of our Hearts

“For our words will always express what has been treasured in our hearts.” Luke 6:45 (Phillips translation) Curious George has long been one of my son’s greatest treasures. Although this picture was taken on his 3rd birthday (almost three years ago- how does that happen?), Georgie is still as precious to him. You don’t have […]


Cherished- our vows

It is with the greatest pleasure that I have ever known that I, Rob, take you, Melanie, as my wife. And as God works in me to make me more like Jesus, I make the following promises to you: I will love you like I will love no other person on this earth. I will […]


The Legacy of Encouragement

At his funeral, one by one they came up to the pulpit. They shared story after story of how my dad’s life had intersected theirs. Often a coffee shop the setting. He poured words of encouragement over them as the coffee flowed. Men in their 20s talking of him giving them vision for their life. […]


Not Sitting. Not Running. Standing!

A few weeks into the year, here are some of the thoughts stirring in regards to my word for 2013- STAND. As I prayed, imploring what does it mean to stand, a whisper came: It is not sitting. It is not running. Well that is helpful, was my first response. But as I thought more […]

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Rainy January Transitions

I was sitting on our front porch. Journal in my hand, it is one of my most peaceful ways to start a Saturday. Atypical warm weather just a week after snow fell and fell. Snow that had quieted our busyness. Now warm currents created a misty, foggy day. Springlike smells in the air. Now only […]


Wesley Covenant Prayer

“I am no longer my own, but thine. Put me to what thou wilt, rank me with whom thou wilt. Put me to doing, put me to suffering. Let me be employed for thee or laid aside for thee, exalted for thee or brought low for thee. Let me be full, let me be empty. […]



Early on, I stayed at the surface. Plenty of pretty things to see here. Snorkeling level of my faith. Content. Close enough to come up for breath and avoid danger. Years pass. The invitation keeps repeating. Dive deeper. Deeper still. There is beauty and marvels not many eyes have seen. Will I let go? Beyond […]


Opportunity Cost and my resistance

Fingers ready for Five Minute Friday to be back. Anticipating. Here comes the word: Opportunity. I stare at my screen. Short on words. And I realize, opportunity swirls around as negative in my mind. Opposed to trust. Maybe I confuse it with being opportunistic. Surely that’s not good. Or perhaps it’s my MBA days and […]


OneWord 2013- Stand

The beautiful canvas blocks displayed on the counter. Colorful. Inviting. I was at my first women’s retreat since my husband had come on staff at the church. I suppose that is important to say since in some recess of my mind, I was thinking of what they were thinking of me. The artist had taken […]