Cherished- our vows

It is with the greatest pleasure that I have ever known that I, Rob, take you, Melanie, as my wife.

And as God works in me to make me more like Jesus, I make the following promises to you:

I will love you like I will love no other person on this earth. I will sacrifice my life for yours;
always putting your needs first.

I will join with you in loving and obeying Jesus Christ in whatever He leads us to do.

I will provide the strength, the security, the provision and the protection you need to express the
beauty of your spiritual womanhood, which the Scriptures tell us is of great worth in God’s sight.

I will celebrate, and not complain, about all that you are. I will enjoy, and never abuse, the
woman that you are. I will accept, and not reject, what I do and do not understand about your

I will enter into your life with a listening ear and a tender heart, not with a critical tongue or a
judgmental spirit.

I will join you in following Jesus Christ, wherever He leads us to go, trusting in God and God
alone to provide for our lives.

I commit myself to you through all possible joys and sorrows until the last day of my life here.

Almost thirteen years ago. Words said before so many friends and family.

Words of two falling in love.

Words that I had not yet heard. Not until that moment.

Words that made me feel cherished. Known. Seen.

Words flowing out of a man, whose depth of character I’m still discovering.

Words that I hear echos of daily. Reminding me. Choosing to cherish when the world might say abandon.

Words whose meaning has grown deeper. Making pledges of an unknown life. I look back, now with knowledge of some of it’s unfolding.

The pledges have stood. The ground beneath our feet has been shaken. But the Rock underneath my grooms feet have steadied him and with that stability he still cherishes.

(PS In case you want to read my vows, they are below. Thanks to my husband upon asking him “do you have a copy of our vows on your computer?”, I was quickly emailed a document . That’s what happens when you marry an engineer turned pastor 🙂

I, Melanie, take you Rob to be my husband.

I will put the Lord first in my life and serve Him with my whole heart.
It’s only through His grace and His strength that I make these vows to you:

I promise to love you with my thoughts, and my words and with my actions.

I will respect you and I will honor you.

I will remind you of who you are, of who you were created to be.

I will encourage in you the passion that you have for God as well as the gifts and the talents that
He has made in you. As your wife, I will believe in you and I will help in keeping your dreams

I will support the decisions that you make as we seek to follow Christ.
And I will go with you to the ends of the world and I’ll hold on when I’m afraid.

I make these pledges to you with reverence and awe in their holiness and with great joy in all that
lies ahead.

I will choose to love you each day- in sickness and in health, in times of adversity and prosperity,
for richer or for poorer- with all that I am until the last day of my life here.


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  1. Diana Denis says:

    Melanie, I’m a mess after reading this. Such precious vows! What a beautiful thing to share with your son and to have as a reminder. LOVE THIS!

  2. Very cool…and a great testimony to covenant love being carried into creation. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  3. Debi @ says:

    What a lovely way to think of this word. I loved it! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Dolly@Soulstops says:

    Thank you, Melanie, for sharing your vows, and I love, yes, love your photo of the two of you….this is funny, but I wrote about marriage also…blessings to you…how’s house training your sheltie? In my reply to your last comment on my blog, I left you a link to the Dog Whisperer

  5. Hi dearest Melanie
    Thank you for sharing your husbands words of love with us. I brings a tear to my eye where you said that the Rock under his feet kept him steady all through what you have gone through! And that was a lot!
    Hugs XX

  6. And it was oh, so beautiful……….

  7. Amy Tilson says:

    Beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing these with us! That photo is amazing! O have a feeling it shows so much of your personalities.

  8. Stefanie Brown says:

    First of all, my friend, that picture is CLASSIC!! The joy, peace and happiness is evident, obvious. What a treasured, cherished moment to remember and have.

    Then, the vows… Wow!!

    You are such a special friend, honorable and admirable.

  9. Amanda Conquers says:

    I LOVE that picture. LOVE!

    I am a sucker for this kind of stuff. Tears. Seriously beautiful vows. May need to point some young people in my life to this page when they go to write their own 🙂

  10. The picture made me laugh and the vows made me cry. Absolutely beautiful. 🙂

  11. Becky Daye says:

    Oh, goodness, Melanie! So beautiful- his vows, your vows, the way you have been blessed as you watched life unfold and the picture?!! Oh, my word- so great!!!!
    Thank you for sharing this. Every post I read from you makes me love you more! So thankful that God saw fit to cross our paths!

  12. Wow, beyond precious.

  13. Such beautiful vows! The picture is perfect–everyone should have one like that.

  14. KM Logan @lessonsfromivy says:

    That is so incredibly sweet. I know I have a copy of our vows in a book somewhere. Which gives me a great idea for Valentines day 😉

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