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Fleeing on Horses

This is what the Sovereign Lord, the Holy One of Israel, says: “In repentance and rest is your salvation,     in quietness and trust is your strength,     but you would have none of it. You said, ‘No, we will flee on horses.’     Therefore you will flee! You said, ‘We will ride off on swift horses.’     Therefore […]


The Tapestry of Legacy

She sits at the kitchen table peeling potatoes. From my little girl eyes, it looks like there are at least 500 of them.  In the white farm house with green trim, her presence fills the rooms. She’s steadfast and hard working. The memory grounds me- a thread of love handed down. I fast forward through […]


What is Obedience in the Midst of Suffering?

My favorite chair beckons. It’s been prepared, an afghan, my journal and my chai. I give God what must have been an obligatory question, “what should I write on?” But my thoughts have already marched down a path and I’d just like Him to come along. He blocks my marching. Write on Suffering and Obedience. […]

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Obedience- Faith in Action {A Guest Post!}

Happy Friday! I’m very excited to welcome Jessie here today. We first met over a Skype call with a few other bloggers- the same ones partcipating in this Crazy Obedience series. I love her heart and honesty. Enjoy! To be obedient means; to comply with orders or requests; be submissive to another’s will. In other […]


Remembrance’s Role in Obedience

I wasn’t a dog person. My husband is. He grew up always having a dog around. Always a Sheltie. It only took 12 years for the inevitable to come. The Sunday before Thanksgiving, I became a dog person. He is quite cute. I tell him it’s a good thing he is. This is the type […]


Obedience Flowing from Love

On a fall November day in 1997 she took a walk around Colby Lake. Fully anticipating God speaking, giving her something to go and obey. Armed with an assignment from her Experiencing God  bible study, she was ready. But as she walked, He had something else, something more in mind. Geese flew overhead. She slowed […]

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Kicking Off a Month of Crazy Obedience {a guest post}

I am thrilled to have Amanda sharing in this space today! It’s my first ever guest post and can’t think of a better way to kick it off. I first met Amanda via our blogs and loved her heart and the way she shared it through her words. Then last fall I had the chance […]