our everyday life

I love slowing down to notice the rhythms and beauty of the daily ‘washing dishes, going to work’ kind of life. Conversation around redemption, long roads to parenting, adoption and grace make my heart beat strongly. I spend my days in Western PA with a husband who is a pastor and a son who is a lego builder.


I sit in a field of wild flowers and my soul is its most alive. I watch my imaginative son and I know the redemption of long journeys. I experience the ministry of my husband and I taste God’s goodness, faithfulness and surprise. I write and my heart hears the intimate whispers of my Father. I curl up in my favorite chair, drink chai and write in my journal, and that makes me happy.

I’m a Missouri born, New England raised girl. My years in Minnesota leave me sometimes calling it home, and the Seattle rain holds significance in my story. I’m an extroverted introvert with an MBA in Finance and a poet’s heart. These are my paradoxes. If you are ever looking for a reflective spreadsheet, I’m the one to see.


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