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Finish (Five Minute Friday)

The air was still. I looked out at the faces, the tears. We were prayed for, deep heartfelt prayers. And in silence, hand in hand we walked out the door of that treasured space. It was our last Sunday of the church we had planted and watered and loved. We knew, as much as you […]

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He Never Stops Noticing You

“Attention all! See the marvels of God! He plants flowers and trees all over the earth. Step out of the traffic. Take a long loving look at me, your High God.”  Psalm 46:8,10 (Msg) It was just an hour. Somehow miscalculated on the calendar. Instead of filling the time with another errand while I wait […]


Roots in the Future

“(Christian community) has its roots in the future and its branches in the present.” – John Zizioulas Roots in the future. An anchor for my soul. Grounding me for today. Because my future rests secure. And all will be ok. Linking with Still Saturday. {top image credit}


The Boardwalk

“We are about half way there. We would always have CB radios and talk back and forth.” My husband continues describing childhood memories as we drive our seven hours. Vacation week. Nostalgia. Returning to the place he vacationed for so many years. Where he fell in love with the ocean. There is significance in this […]