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It’s a Wrap! {Day 31 of No Fear}

It’s a wrap! Here we are. October 31st. We made it. This is a moment where I wish we could sit down face to face and we could talk about fear. I could ask what stands out from these last 31 days? What was a new thought or something that you realized? Are any of […]


Community of Love {Day 30}

I was sitting talking with a couple of women when I saw her approach. Something in me began to shut down. I anticipated how the conversation would go. And while the details aren’t important, my reaction is. I know my standard response to her advice, I nod and smile and agree. Although inside I am […]


The Kitchen Sink {Day 29}

I am declaring today, the 29th day of the series, the kitchen sink day. I am throwing everything in that I am not going to have time to elaborate on! I would like tomorrow to be focused on community and the ways it helps us fight against fears. And for Saturday to be a wrap […]


Silence and Solitude {Day 28}

I sat at the long wooden table in the austere monastery. It was my first time having a group experience of silence. Our whole prayer class was there. A beautiful fall Saturday spent in silence. Soaking in the sights of the property overlooking the Puget Sound. Walking, journaling, reflecting. All was comfortable…until lunch time. I […]


Lectio Divina and Journaling {Day 27}

We have these different personalities, you and I. We have these different life experiences. We have these different spiritual gifts. We have this uniqueness, created by God. And that very idea of being created in His image also gives us unity. One part of what I love about writing on different soul practices is that […]


Prayer of Examen {Day 26}

It is the last week of our No Fear series!  We spent the first half of the month discussing fear, defining it and looking at how it shows up in our life. The last half we are looking at ways when the feelings of fear arise, that we can stop them from directing our actions.  […]

Cast all your anxiety

Sunday Scripture {Day 25}

“Cast all your anxiety on him, because he cares for you.” I Peter 5:7 ALL. All of your anxiety. Not just the part you feel safe giving up. Not just the part you feel is socially acceptable to admit. No, all of it. Why? Because He cares for you. He wants what is best. He […]


Saturday Quote- Courage {Day 24}

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than one’s fear.” Ambrose Redmoon This morning my daughter collided with another soccer player. They both came out of the game for a while. She has a knot on her head. She told me she wasn’t going back […]


A Few Of My Favorite Things {Day 23}

As I have been writing this week, I have realized how many books, articles, verses and other resources I have read that inform my thoughts on living a life of no fear, and especially practices or spiritual disciplines that we can engage to aid in our journey. As we end this week, here is a […]


The Fruit of Studying Scripture {Day 22}

Feelings of fear will come. The last few days we have looked at Scripture as a main tool to help us not respond to fear’s directives, but instead to move towards freedom. Tuesday was Memorizing scripture, Wednesday was Meditating on it and today we turn to Studying it. “We must allow the Word of God […]


Sitting in His Word {Day 21}

Meditate:   to focus one’s thoughts on ; reflect on or ponder over Our world sets us up nicely to have time and space to reflect and ponder. Or maybe not as I write this in a hurry. The day has flown by and we are just getting home. I am grateful it is a sunny day […]


Memorizing Scripture. Letting Scripture Memorize Us. {Day 20}

Back in September I began to throw around ideas for a 31 Days series. I was focused on diving into Scripture and the ways it shapes us and transforms it. I thought of titling it Savoring God’s Word. Or Feasting on God’s Word. Then somewhere near the end of the month, No Fear captured me. […]