Cinnamon and Cookie Fail

“Oh No!!” I exclaim opening the oven door. From the next room my husband asks what is wrong.   Peering into the oven all I can think is that these cookies look nothing like the Pinterest picture. Somehow my chocolate candy center has oozed out. The round balls have flattened.           […]


The Ornaments’ Story

This year the ornaments have moved a foot up the tree. “Don’t get a puppy around the holidays.” Looking at our tree you would know we threw that advice out the window this Thanksgiving. And so this puppy’s presence has my uncle’s ceramic angel tightly sharing a branch with a glittery golden ball. My son’s […]


Frost- the now and not yet

First Frost. Cold enough for the stunning crystal formation. Warm enough for it be gone in a few hours. The coming of cold enough for it to snow. The now and not yet, on the cusp of winter. I see myself as a teenager. Laying in bed in my cozy bedroom. Seeing the early frost […]