A Weary World Rejoices

Weary World Rejoices

This week between Christmas and New Years has always had a certain feeling to me. Nostalgic and reflective. A hopeful melancholy. I was curious to see if this week has a name. While I couldn’t find one, I was surprised with the number of articles and discussions devoted to the aura of this week.

Here are a few of the comments on the week between Christmas and New Year’s:

“It’s a strange time of year, you can feel lost and directionless.”

“There is a feeling of groggy purposelessness”

“This no man’s week between Christmas and New Year’s really needs a purpose and a name”

“It is called Witching Week and nothing you do in this week counts”

Well, I was glad to see I wasn’t alone in the emotions of this week. And yet I know it holds great promise. In what may come, in what we hope to come, in what we fear may come.

This year we have the gift of being at the ocean. It adds to the ‘last week of the year’ mood. Tonight I was sitting on the porch. In the dark, listening to the rhythm of the waves.

They lull me in and slow down my thoughts. They are powerful and I get lost in them. Surrendered to something bigger than me. They drown out sound and leave me peacefully alone. In the stillness of my soul, these words rise up in me.

A thrill of hope, a weary world rejoices. For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn.

Over and over I sing. Just those lines. They are enough.

We know the weariness of this world. Of our current world. Weary, one of those words that sounds like its meaning. The space of this week gives us enough pause to allow the weariness to hit us. To admit we feel it, if only we allow ourselves to. And the space of this week gives us an opportunity to remember what we just celebrated. The birth of a baby who brought good news. A thrill of hope. Of redemption.

I wonder what this week is like for you? Do you come into it with deep weariness? With dread over what might come this year? Does remembering this past year bring sorrow?

Or maybe it has been the best year ever? Maybe there are exciting dreams and opportunities coming in 2016?

Whatever state you find yourself in, may these last days of the years bring space for reflection. To remember how weary we are without the promise of new birth. And to allow the miraculous birth of Jesus fill us with joy and hope overflowing. No matter what circumstance we are in. The waves keep coming. Reminding me of someone bigger, someone powerful. Someone who goes before me in this new year and never wastes a moment of last year.

A weary world rejoices.

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  1. I am so excited I received an answer to a prayer I was not even consciously aware I was praying or maybe it was being prayed for me. The best gift I received this Christmas was an answer to a prayer for closure. I did not even realize it was happening until the wrapping paper was all in the trash can. I randomly encountered three different people over the course of three different days 12/23 – 12/25 and their words and acts could have only been the work of the Holy Spirit which brought me to a place in my journey I never dreamed imaginable. The word of the week for me is Closure. I am so excited for 2016. I only have one goal and I need prayer, that is to just love more. Build a closer more intimate relationship with God. This year (2015) I had made a commitment to get more involved in Church, attending regularly and participating in growth groups. Attending worship and growth group regularly has become more an excitement so there is just no question anymore on if I am going, so that has been easy. Now in 2016 I plan to go deeper and work on the self-discipline to read a few chapters of the Bible everyday and pray everyday. I have been doing well at implementing both of these practices but I am hoping to develop a routine that still allows it to be natural but also I need it to be more intentional or maybe focused is the better word.

    For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn. Love that

  2. Kathryn Grossman says:

    Beautiful, again. I feel the Holy drawing near. Grateful.

  3. Debbie Williams says:

    Love your thoughts. Interesting comments on the week between Christmas and New Years. I am always running around to get Christmas down. I can’t wait to get it up and can’t wait to take it down.

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